The Kimberley is vast and the best way to see it is from the air!  And not just from the air but also from the comfort of our E190 jet.  The experienced pilots from Cobham have put together a very special flight over the most stunning natural wonders of the Kimberley.  Only a percentage of the seats are open to ensure that everyone gets a great view as we complete the 1.75 hour at 4000-5000ft.  Passes will also be made of the key land marks to ensure views from all sides of the aircraft. 



  1. Ord River Irrigation Area to the North and South of Kununurra Airport/Town
  2. Lake Argyle and Lake Argyle Dam Wall
  3. Carr Boyd Ranges 
  4. Osmond Ranges 
  5. Bungles 
  6. Argyle Diamond Mine 
  7. Cockburn ranges 
  8. Wyndham and over the mud flats 
  9. King George Falls and Mitchell Plateau 


Note: Due to low altitude of aircraft refreshments will not servers for crew safety.

Kimberley Scenic Flight by BlueSky